The Torso Carroz. A cabinet for the chilling corner of your garage. While relaxing you may take your whisky from the TC, kick back and overlook your collection of bolides.

Each Torso Carroz is a highly bespoke product. We aim to make each one a unique product in close cooperation with you. Handpick the leathers, woods or metals for the interior. Select the livery for the exterior. We then have 3D-renderings made and once these can carry your approval we set out to realizing the design.
It means the option list is endless. Here are some basics to start from.

so Carroz Cabinet red with 63 race number

The Torso Carroz comes in two versions each in two variations.

FDB – the Full Depth Body. Front and back are both modelled after the human body. It is mounted on a pedestal of wood, stone or a material of your choice.

HDB – Half Depth Body. Comes with a flat back meant to be set against or hanged on a wall.

Both come in S and L versions. The L has the upper part of the legs, the S version is cut off at the lower part of the abdomen.

  • Lighting, either an interior light from a classic or LED strips, powered by 110/230v mains and/or an USB chargeble battery.
  • Standard closure is racing hood pins & clips. Push versions, leather straps, springs or magnetic closure are available.

Totso Carroz Identification plateEach TC comes with its own unique number and name. We call it the Torso Identification Number, the TIN. We try to give them female names reflecting the character of the piece, but that is not carved in stone.
The TINplate carries our logo, the name, type ID, year and number. Standaard is laser CNC’ed aluminum.
Accompanying glassware will carry the matching information.

There are 400,000 colours and 600,000 recipes for that, to which we have access. This means we can recreate any car colour that has been used since the early ’50’s and can do very close approximations where we do not have a color number.
Race- and rallycar liveries, company logos or anything outside the realm of cars; we love to do them.
Every TC is polished and waxed to an immaculate shine.