We are always striving to make the best possible product where every detail counts. We also want to work in a fun and creative environment, because we strongly believe such a workplace adds to the quality.
We are always looking to grow our ever expanding network of specialist contractors in which a great cooperation is the basis of all work. A client specification might appear that requires a dedicated skill and we will deliver. There is also an office to run.

  • Administrator – Urgent
  • Production manager
  • Upholsterers – with either car and furniture backgrounds
  • Woodworkers. To create those bookfold veneer interiors
  • Sheet metal workers. Also for interior work
  • Polyester specialist
  • Carbon fibre specialist

We might not have an immediate assignment, but we like to have your name on file. Shoot us an email of how you think you can be of service, even if it is not in the list above.