the Backstory

How a contrete torso started a journey

The inspiration for the Torso Carroz

August 2020. The second corona wave was hitting and it was hot. Ronald van den Boogaard was working on some art-installations at an estate in Germany. Part of the job involved sketching, done outside of course in these conditions. Sitting behind a heavy stone table, made from a thombstone, some 20 meters away a female torso was in constant view. She was sculpted in concrete.
Many thousands of artists over the centuries have chosen this as a subject for their sculptures.

What if?

Torso Carroz - original sketch
Torso Carroz – original sketch

“What would I make if I were asked to one?” Ronald wondered. Something smooth, shiny, painted as a car, an E-type, a 250SWB, perhaps Eleanor, a Shelby or a Lamborghini? Out came the drawing pad, a sketch was made, the object turned into a cabinet, racing bonnet closures added and it was off to bed.
The next he and his hosts were going over the sketch and then he knew he was onto something.

A year of development

Upon return, polyester and resin were ordered, molds made and issues encountered. Failures and success followed one another. Too much to mention. The result was the coloured, shiny Torso cabinet as we know it today. It all came from this single moment, watching a concrete torso on a hot day in an immense garden.