The Definition of Success

Torso Carroz, the car inspired cabinet in classic racing green
Torso Carroz in classic colours with magnet closure.

You have a great collection of cars, an even more perfect partner and some great cognacs to kick back on the couch in your garage to enjoy all.

The Torso Carroz cabinet epitomizes it all. Shaped as a torso, painted in one of your favorite liveries holding your drinks and glasses (or cigars or carkeys).

The Torso

Formed from polyester every shell is painted, lacquered and polished to the finest shine. Fitted with closures from racecar bonnets, magnets or leather straps. A recessed door handle.
Everything about this female form breathes car.

The Interior

… follows the car inspiration. Cross-stitched leather, bookmatched veneer or polished aluminium. The possibilities are endless.. Inspirations that draw from the classics of days gone by to todays supercars.

The Cooperation

Creating custom-tailored pieces like this can only be done in an intense conversation with you. All aspects need to be covered and all details discussed. It is your personal Torso Carroz and we want to make it as close to your personal desires as possible.